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5 Secrets to Make Your Letterbox Drop Campaign Memorable

Breaking the clutter with powerful letterbox drop and captivating your target market is not an easy task. You need to have proper design and strategy in place, in order to create the right impact. Take a look at these five secrets that can make your campaign memorable.

Hit the imagination hard

Successful letterbox drop in Sydney is about making your brochure, flyer, leaflet or any other promotional materials stand out from the crowd. In order to do this, you have to capture the readers’ imagination. Your target market is exposed to a lot of advertisement, both online and offline, so if you give them the same old thing, they will definitely find it extremely boring and naturally ignore it. So, in order to make them want more, give them something that they are not familiar with.

Arrest your readers’ attention with the right caption and image and tell them something surprising. For instance, if you are selling pet care services, it would be great to ask the readers a question like- ‘Do you know that you are actually harming your beloved pet?’ This will immediately attract a glance as your prospects will be eager to know what they are doing wrong to their pet.

Sell the feeling

While designing promotional materials for letterbox drop campaigns, focus on the target market rather than on the service or product. If you give a long lecture in your flyer about the benefits of your products or services, your prospects will soon lose interest. Make them understand how good they will feel once they use your service and product, and they will definitely be interested to learn more. For instance, if you are selling plane tickets, the features of a flight won’t attract your audience as much as the feeling of going on a holiday or getting united with their near and dear ones.

Know your target market thoroughly

Simply knowing the geographical area for letterbox drops is not enough, however attractive your promotional materials might be. You must conduct thorough research about the people whom you wish to reach.

In the recent years, there have been a lot of advancements in mapping technology, and companies are now able to target specific demographic sectors for better effect. In case you are unable to handle the distribution on your own, you can always seek the help of an efficient letterbox drop company. The team will assist in effective demographic targeting and also successfully distribute your materials.

Do not focus only on return on investment

It is true that sometimes people will store your leaflets for future reference, and at other times they will throw it away. They may not go through it exhaustively, but they might throw a glance, without even being aware of it. Then the very next time, you might find them recalling your product or service, when they view it over the internet or anywhere else. It’s human nature, accept it.

Do not focus too much on the return on investment because it is not tangible. The success cannot be measured only in terms of the ROI.

Have a strategy in mind

A letterbox drop campaign is aimed to give your prospect a taste of your offerings. You may call it a recommendation or an invitation. So, if the campaign is a memorable one, your target market would long to know more. Letterbox delivery campaigns are most successful when they are ongoing, so always have a strategy in mind.

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