Tips to Effectively Use Flyers for Promoting Your Services Business

Businesses such as a trades, franchises, real estate agencies, mobile repair centres or cleaning services etc, which are looking for increased numbers of new customers, can readily invest in printing and distribution to increase inquiries and sales. However, if you are an independent computer consultant, you might not be able to generate sales so quickly from a flyer distribution campaign and you may need to complete a number of distribution campaigns to receive inquires.

But, there are high chances that you can make your flyer effective for your business if you use the flyer as a supporting tool for other promotional efforts. Use your flyer as an attachment to an email, a leave-behind in addition to your business card or as an offer document highlighting a free evaluation on-site to determine computer support requirements. Since you would be mailing or handing over your flyer to a selected group of recipients, the production costs can very cost effective.

Remember that your flyer is meant for driving your prospective customer towards a desired action. In short, you must make your target audience recognise the very fact that they have a problem, for which you have the solution. You must include the following components in your flyer.

A captivating headline

You have very little time to grab the attention of your target audience, and that is one of the main reasons why you need a compelling headline. A headline is so crucial that it can even decide whether your flyer will be looked at or whether it will simply become another piece of trash thrown into the bin.

The best headline should include a striking benefit of the solutions you are providing and it should arouse interest amongst those you are targeting. You may use short, catchy sentences or phrases like the following:

  • Here’s how you can have a complete IT department at a minimal budget!
  • Tired of losing your sleep over repeated computer problems? Just a phone call can prevent these problems from occurring!
  • If you want a trouble-free computer network, we have the secret…

A powerful message

Since you are a computer consultant, your message should be very straightforward and it should highlight the list of services. To make it all the more interesting,add more value. You can present your services in the form of comparison to other similar services, and bring out the aspects which make you superior to your competitors. In other words, you should underline your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), that is, why you are the most viable option available in the marketplace for similar services.

An attractive promotional offer

This is exactly where your flyer turns out to be a rewarding marketing tool. You must direct your reader or viewer to go for the action you expect by including particular instructions in your flyer, as well as by having a captivating offer, something like “Call before 3rd November and receive 20% discount on all services”, “Early bird offer for first ten customers- get 6 hours on-site support completely free of cost”, and so on.

When you are creating a flyer, give equal importance to the content and the design. If you are not comfortable in these areas, you should contact a professional flyer design and printing company to help you out.

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