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5 Promotional Channels for Real Estate Agents Looking for New Listings

Real estate agents rely a lot on referrals for getting new listings for their business. However, with respect to advertising for new listings there are a lot of things that can be done to reach out to home owners who are looking forward to sell their property. Here are some great options that can help you.

Letterbox Drops

This is one of the greatest ways to advertise for new listings, since letterbox drops gives you direct access to business premises or households. When you are dropping promotional materials such as flyers, brochures, catalogues or leaflets through the letterboxes of your clients, you need to be very appealing with the design and content. This is because you need to convince your prospects that compared to other salespeople you are a better choice. For best results, go for a regular campaign instead of a one –timer.


The plus point of advertising in billboards is that you have a good chance of getting noticed since very few advertisers use this medium. However, unlike letterbox drops, billboards give you exposure to a large number of people who may not be interested in your services.

The thumb rule says that when people are passing a billboard while driving, they would be capable of reading seven words. So grab the opportunity to capture their attention and get your cash registers ringing.

Social Media Presence

Social media is an exciting place to be and can give great returns to real estate agents. The main thing about being on social media is communication and interaction. You need to listen to your target audience, respond to what they are saying, and add lots of value to the conversation. Use social media along with your letterbox drops campaign and you are bound to get good exposure. But remember, simply advertising for new listings over social media platforms won’t help; you need to continually interact to pave your way towards success.

Search Engine Optimization

Good SEO will secure you a high rank in the result pages of search giants like Google. There are obviously great advantages to this. If you grab a top position on the first page of search engine results for local real estate terms or ‘keywords’, there are high chances that you will get good amount of quality prospects for your website.

Newspaper Advertising

Compared to letterbox drops, newspaper advertising is costlier, and there are lesser chances that your advertisement would be viewed. You have to know about the circulation pattern of the particular newspaper in which you are advertising for listings from home owners. In fact, you have to find your target homeowners, from amongst a number of people, many of whom read newspapers, but are not interested in selling their home. But you can always try out newspaper advertising with letterbox delivery campaigns and check out how it works.

As a real estate agent looking for new listings from homeowners, you have different channels to advertise yourself. Choose the most appropriate promotional mix, and quality responses will definitely come your way.

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