Using Letterbox Distribution Campaigns to Successfully Promote Your Gym

Using Letterbox Distribution Campaigns to Successfully Promote Your Gym

Attracting new membership for your gym requires powerful marketing on your part, and letterbox distribution in Sydney can indeed bring you great success. But yes, it is true that not everyone who delivers flyers, leaflets, brochures or pamphlets to letterboxes in households or offices gets good amount of responses. The point is that you need to organize your campaign in the right manner to ensure good exposure for your business, otherwise you might simply end up with littered flyers and agitated residents complaining about the same.

In order to make sure that your delivery campaign heads the right way, here are some fundamental questions you must ask yourself:


The manner in which the flyers, leaflets or brochures are distributed creates an initial impression about your business. So, it is your responsibility to handle a professional and dedicated company for letterbox distribution in Sydney. The team must cover all the required areas and distribute the flyers properly in the letterboxes, and nowhere else.


Once your target audience gets hold of your flyers or brochures in their letterboxes, it is the appeal of the flyer that will decide whether it will generate interest or not. To become a tool for successful marketing, the flyer must incorporate all the fundamental elements of design, size and content. Remember, in order to ask for action, you must attract attention and arouse interest.

So far as the design is concerned, do not add a lot of things, but go for a minimalistic yet attention-grabbing design. Use no more than two fonts and make the headlines bold and captivating. Keep the content as concise and clear as possible.

Also, your call to action must have high level of clarity, so that your target audience is clear about what they should do and how they should do it. Contact information like phone number, address, and website details must be there.


As you plan for letterbox distribution in Sydney for your gym, always try to include some kind of exclusiveness. If you are providing offers throughout the year, people won’t be largely interested in becoming a member of your gym. Moreover, if you are offering something for the entire year for new sign-ups, your existing customers might feel deprived.

Keeping these things in mind, it is important to create a sense of urgency. You can do this by placing an offer for a limited time span, which will in fact prompt one to sign up for membership while the deal lasts.


People would definitely not like to go to gyms that are at a great distance from their workplace or home. Target specific areas within a certain parameter of your gym, so that you promote to only those prospects that can conveniently visit your gym. A three-mile radius is good enough, but you need to ensure that you are marketing in commercial as well as residential areas.


To make letterbox distribution in Sydney successful for your gym, you must give your audience not only gym details but also a powerful reason to work out at your gym. An additional incentive such as free tanning session for first 50 new sign-ups would be a great offer to include. In short you should offer something that your target audience would not get elsewhere.

Always be careful enough to see to it that you select the right distributors for your campaign. Then there would be no littered materials and you would get complete information about every delivery through GPS tracking. So, go ahead with a powerful campaign and get ready to welcome new members to your gym!

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