Top Six Secrets to Great Menu Design

Top Six Secrets to Great Menu Design

Do you want to make your target customers have a taste of your delicacies even before they visit your restaurant? Then you must go for menu distribution in Sydney. But before that, it’s time to take care of the menu designs so that the dining experience can be extended from beforehand to the letterboxes. Remember, a menu is not only a list of the dishes you would be serving, it’s much more than that. A properly designed and distributed menu can be a powerful advertising tool to attract more and more customers, thereby driving profit. Here are the top 6 secrets that can pave the way to yummy menu designs.

  1. Create logical sections

Through menu distribution is Sydney you are getting a brilliant opportunity to highlight your dishes to your target audience. Make the most of this opportunity by giving your prospect the convenience to search for dishes in a logical manner. A sequential arrangement of items that starts off with appetizers, and then moves on to starters, main course and finally desserts, is a great strategy to create an impression with your menu.

  1. Avoid excessive number of photos

Photos are indeed good for a menu but it would be wise to use them sparingly, since food photography might not create an appeal for every prospect. If you are incorporating photos, you must make sure that the photos are of highly professional quality. This might be a bit expensive, but otherwise, you won’t be able to create the desired effect.

  1. Incorporate effective typography

Appropriate typography will not only communicate the brand value of the restaurant, but will also make the menu increasingly legible. The typeface you choose may depend on a variety of factors, out of which the text that can comfortably fit within the menu is a major one. Using different typefaces for names and descriptions of items can effectively guide your prospect through the content. Bold typography is a great thing for your menu as it can also serve as the major art element.

  1. Opt for appropriate colors

Colors for the menu should be chosen based on two primary things- the theme of the restaurant and your target audience. Color is inseparably related to the psychology of the consumer; therefore your color scheme should showcase the mood of the restaurant as well as highlight specific food items. For instance, if your restaurant serves only vegetarian food it’s good to incorporate the color green in the menu.

  1. Consider using boxes

Boxes are great at drawing attention to categories of menu items. Some restaurant use boxes to market dishes that bring in the highest profit, so you can also try this strategy as you arrange for menu distribution in Sydney.

  1. Include a ‘Special’ Element

Apart from standard information about the dishes you would be serving, you may also include special things such as notations highlighting dietary concerns- gluten-free, vegan, and the like. You may also throw light on the flavors or amount of spiciness of specific dishes. These serve as visual cues, arousing good amount of interest.

Designing a proper menu for effective menu distribution in Sydney can be quite challenging. But you can always take the help of professionals for a smooth sail.

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