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The Use of Unaddressed Mail as a Powerful Prospecting Tool

The marketing scenario is a dynamic one, with newer prospecting tools being added every single day. However, direct mail still remains one of the favourites of marketers, with many opting for unaddressed mail distribution in Sydney. In fact there are different levels of prospecting and sales depending upon the type of business, which allows use of unaddressed mails in different ways. For instance, a fast food outlet may send across unaddressed sales flyers to generate immediate sales, while a cleaning agency may use direct mail for first contact that will lead to long term business relationship in future.

Let us understand the major benefits of unaddressed mail, and how this mode of promotion can help businesses make a mark.

Still a step ahead

Compared to other forms of advertising, every piece of mail has the advantage of being touched, handled and looked at. This gives your business a kind of ‘time slice’ however small that time span might be. So, as a marketer, you have the opportunity to use this time slice to the fullest extent possible to get the right message conveyed and ensure prospect engagement. In comparison to promotion in an online environment, these mails pave the way for enhanced comprehension, response and retention levels.

A guide towards the digital world

Invariably content is king when it comes to the digital world, but it will have the right effect only when it is read. So, your job is to make more potential customers read your content and get interested in communicating with you further. You should do this by going for unaddressed mail distribution in Sydney, which enables you to build up the first point of contact that would lead your prospects to check out your online content.

A great alternative to emails

Anti-spam legislations often make it quite difficult for the marketer to get the best return on investment out of email marketing. On one hand it is true that you can collect relevant email addresses and send emails to prospects without spending on postage or printing costs. On the other hand, there are high chances that your email will land up in the junk mail box rather than the inbox, making all your efforts go waste. Given this, the best thing you can do is club email marketing campaigns with distribution of unaddressed mails to generate the maximum amount of response from your prospects.

When you are using unaddressed mail distribution in Sydney as a prospecting tool, your major goal is to drive further communication and nurture long term business relationships. So, you must make use of direct mail marketing accordingly, conveying the appropriate message that would drive your target audience towards the desired action.

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