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Sparing a Thought for Unaddressed Mail Distribution

You must have thought about social media marketing for your business, and email marketing too. But what about conquering the mailbox through unaddressed mail distribution in Sydney? If you have received a restaurant voucher or a real estate flyer in your mailbox, then you must be aware of what an unaddressed mail is. These mails are in fact promotional materials dropped in letterboxes, and usually come in the form of catalogues, brochures, envelopes or flyers that do not contain the name or address of the recipient. Delivering such mails can boost your local business to a great extent, whether you run a small juice bar or a high-end financial consultancy.

If you are new to the domain of unaddressed mail distribution, you might have certain hesitations in getting started off.

Here are the answers to some basic queries about this form of direct mail marketing.

How should unaddressed mail be used?

This is an extremely cost-effective mail service that can help you reach millions of business delivery points as well as households throughout Australia. Usually, it is not possible to obtain the contact details of your entire target market. In such cases, delivering unaddressed mails can help you reach those prospects, whose contact details you do not have. You can target specific localities in terms of businesses, postcodes or residential addresses.

The powerful targeting abilities of this type of mail service are a great advantage for local businesses. For instance, if you want, you can target only domestic premises in your neighbourhood. Or else, if you want to target offices or other commercial areas for your B2B business, you can also distribute accordingly.

How should unaddressed mail be prepared?

Unaddressed mail distribution can be a great success if the mails are designed and printed by professionals. Only professionals can render your piece the appropriate look that will set you apart amidst the crowd and convince your target audience to think about doing business with you. So, seek professional assistance to make a mark with your mailer piece.

How should unaddressed mail be sent?

It is better to avail the help of acclaimed unaddressed mail distribution agencies in order to distribute your promotional material, because the same pays off better than cheap postal service. You can avail such services at affordable rates and can be assured of timely delivery. Moreover, depending upon the volume of your advertising materials, certain service providers can offer better rates.

Now that you are well-versed with the basics of unaddressed mail distribution in Sydney, it’s time to try your hand at it and give your business the ultimate edge. So, are you ready?

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