Marketing Through Flyers: Will you touch the skies, or fall to the bottom?

As someone who is aiming to sell a product or service through flyers, your job doesn’t end with simply dropping your flyers in people’s letterboxes or slipping them through gates and doors. Even if it’s a big city, flyer distribution in Sydney isn’t that simple. The key to success in this case is an amalgamation of several vital factors- strategies which, if you implement correctly, will bring in a tidal wave of customers. What’s more, keep these pointers in mind and the customers are here to stay.

So, what to do?

Decide upon a simple message for your prospective customers- keep it clear

For instance, if you’ve opened a bakery and want to advertise your goods, think of a clear message to attract people’s attention- a message that they will likely relate to. The idea is to keep the message short, crisp and interesting, as well as easy to understand. Something like ‘Craving your mom’s signature cup cake? Try ours, it’s fresh and we promise to bake it with just as much love!’ may suffice. This way, you’re able to answer the customer’s primary questions when he or she first sees your flyer- what is the product you’re selling, and why they might be interested in it.

What else?

Make sure your flyer has a unique design that’ll catch the customer’s attention even if he/she catches a glimpse of it out of the corner of their eye. For example, it’s never amiss to create associative symbols. If you’re advertising apparel and accessories, a good idea could be to shape the flyer like a pair of pants or a dress or a high heel, a hat, etc. Use bright colours with contrasting font that is large and easy to read- but ensure that it’s not a clashing combination, such as red and pink.


Your prospective buyer should feel as if the flyer is calling out personally to him or her. A great way of doing this is adding a discount tag to the flyer. ‘Bring this in to our bakery, and get flat 20% off on first three purchases!’ is an excellent offer the customer will find hard to reject. Also using words such as ‘only for you’, ‘exclusively for you’, ‘made with love’ induces a sense of warmth in the customer. Flyer distribution in Sydney will be futile if you can’t make the customer feel important.

Support the purpose of your flyer

The purpose of your flyer is to attract new customers and remind older ones why they chose you before. It’s important for you to know what gains or losses you incurred. Social media management is extremely handy at this time. Use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for customer opinion polls, Q&As to understand customer needs and demands. What the customer wants, what his or her grievances are and how you can solve them –these are of paramount importance to you. If you understand these, flyer distribution in Sydney will become easy and successful for you each time you do it.

Here’s wishing you all the best in ‘flyering’!

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