Leaflet Advertising- Your Guide to Making a Mark

Leaflet Advertising- Your Guide to Making a Mark

Advertising is a tough ball game, no doubt about it. Further, advertising through print media such as leaflets makes it crucial for you as an advertiser to make your mark on the customer as soon as he or she sees it. Leaflet distribution, careful creation of content, and choice of CTA, among others, are important factors to ensure success. To know more about successful leaflet advertising, read on-

Come up with catchy titles or headlines       

The key to capitalizing successfully on letterbox distribution is capturing the customer’s interest within seconds with an attractive headline. Most people will not read past the opening lines if they are boring or cut and dry: so put on your creative hat and get to work!

Boost your CTA statement

Your Call to Action statement is very important in order to yield positive results from leaflet distribution. If you want something from your customers, the best thing to do is ask for it briefly and clearly. Use action words such as ‘call now’, ‘book now’ and ‘limited time’ to get your customer moving.

Take advantage of current happenings

A great way to stand out in the world of advertising to customers is to keep an eye out for current popular events and use such themes in your ads. For instance, if there is a popular sports league or a festive occasion, make sure your ads take a bit of these elements into them, without overshadowing your primary content of course.

Take credit where deserved

It might seem counter-productive and boastful to talk about your brand’s achievements in your leaflet. But customers like to establish a brand as trustworthy and of assured quality, by the accolades, accreditations and praise it has received formally. Be sure to spare a few words to pop that credit in.

Highlight your USP

Customers who receive your ad by way of leaflet distribution will not be likely to pursue your brand unless the leaflet puts forward your unique selling point, the best benefit the customer can get from you. Ensure that your leaflet focuses adequately on your USP: if your best offered benefit to the customer is price point, focus on that, if it is the wide range of products/services, it could be your USP.

Use both sides

Use as much space available to you on that sheet of paper, to get the most out of the money you’re paying for creating, printing and ultimate letterbox distribution. If you fear that printing on both sides will look cluttered and messy, you can still bypass that by using the space strategically, rather than leaving the entire back page blank. Use images and small pockets of large font, leaving blank spaces in between to avoid a cluttered look.

Finally, always remember that advertising is not just for your brand’s benefit: it is heavily dependent on your customer’s perceptions, and hence, must work from their viewpoints majorly. Follow the simple tips listed above, and reach heights of advertising success with your new, improved leaflets!

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