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Know How to Craft the Perfect Hotel Brochure

With so many websites for hotels coming up, hotel goers, wanting to know more about the facilities they would be willing to pay for, are getting more and more confused. Despite the upsurge in mobile apps and websites, who doesn’t like an old-fashioned, handy, and well-articulated brochure? It may seem a thing of the past to the millennial population and other users of such apps and websites, but once these technologically inclined people get their hands on marketing materials of hotels delivered to their mailboxes through efficient letterbox distribution, they are preferred over any digital content. The personal touch which they expect from a complete hotel experience kicks off with this brochure.

Since the importance of these brochures is actually a lot more than people think, this puts an additional responsibility on the shoulders of the people creating the brochures. Not only do these brochures require efficient and tactical letterbox distribution they also need to be made keeping the standards of the hotel in mind.

Here are some essential factors that need to be incorporated in order to get the brochure right.

Color and Photographs

Color – Hotels are symbols of peace and enjoyment. The colors used in a brochure must signify the breezy nature of every hotel while keeping the factors of elegance, class, and professionalism in mind. This may seem far-fetched to many but professional designers will be aware of these points. Also, it is important to maintain color consistency with the official colors of the hotel logos and other marketing material.

Photos – Photos are what every hotel seeking brochure reader looks for when wanting to know about the rooms and other facilities. If brochures contain excessive content, all the hard work done in creating and initiating letterbox distribution goes to waste. Hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of rooms, facilities like pool, game room, casino and the whole hotel in general must be done. These pictures should then be edited and used in brochures. High quality pictures are often the number one reason why readers of brochures stay glued to it.

Call to Action and Benefits

It is imperative to include a call to action in order to persuade potential visitors to choose the hotel. The benefits of choosing the hotel should also be included instead of writing on and on about the features. Visitors are normally not interested in the features of a hotel; they just want to be sure that the hotel they are choosing offers them the best deal that other hotels they have previously checked out didn’t.

Focused Content with No Room for Error

The content should be focused, with a catchy headline, and proofreading twice or thrice before printing it is a must. Editing out unnecessary parts is also advisable. Incorporation of all necessary details (address, phone numbers, etc.) too is imperative.

A well-designed and informative brochure can actually be of great benefit both to visitors and hoteliers. If a visitor likes the brochure and the hotel, he or she is very likely to recommend the hotel, passing on the brochure.

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