How your Salon Pricelist Can Really Sell for your Business

How your Salon Pricelist Can Really Sell for your Business


Every store, business and enterprise needs a pricelist that it can distribute among people or drop in their mailboxes, to give them the much needed information on how much it’ll cost them to shop at that particular store. Certain goods and services require such price lists in the form of leaflets, more than others- popular but niche products such as baked goods and confectionery, printing and copying services, cosmetic goods and salon services such as hair spa treatment, facials, etc.

This post is precisely about leaflet distribution for your salon, but never fear if your enterprise isn’t a salon- as long as it’s offering goods and services, the tips shared hereafter will benefit it as well.

Don’t complicate matters

Remember that you are sending this price list, this leaflet to all your prospective and existing customers. Every person is not going to dedicate time into deciphering the meanings behind your words, so if you use lofty language and archaic words or technical jargon, be prepared to lose the customer.  If you’ve listed prices for manicures, a term such as ‘Nail technician’ might be confusing, alienating and even ridiculous. Use simple language that is understandable at first glance.

Make it sound attractive

Simple is good, but plain is boring. Your customers will be expecting a good experience- in the case of a salon, a luxurious, relaxing, beautifying experience. Make sure the feel-good factor resonates in the writing, design and spacing of your price list. ‘Treat yourself to a 5 star salon experience- our menu has something for everyone!’ might be a good way to bring appeal. Adding short but attractive descriptions with each service or package will amplify the good results of leaflet distribution for your salon.

Push your USP into the limelight

It’s not just enough to list the services and prices for each of them- you might also want to take a moment and figure out the USP of your salon services- what is it that makes you stand out from other salons? Perhaps you offer special bonus packages to older customers as loyalty reward? Maybe if someone pays for services over a particular amount, you put in a free gel manicure? Whatever it is that makes you special, make space for it in the leaflet. Highlight the special goods or services by using larger font or bright colours, place it on the top right hand of the leaflet, and don’t crowd around it by putting in other details.

Lastly, the way you put down the prices is important. Try and use whole rounded figures as much as possible, decimal figures are confusing and irritating to most customers, plus it could result in an unending argument when attempts are made to round off. Rounded figures such as 30, 40 etc give a sense of clarity and assurance. However, if you’re putting in an introductory offer, it is never amiss to write 39 instead of 40 as the price- using 9 figures really works to induce the idea of paying less.

Try these simple pointers, and your leaflet distribution for your salon (or any other enterprise) is sure to be a success!

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