How to Get Your Unaddressed Mail Read by Your Prospects

How to Get Your Unaddressed Mail Read by Your Prospects

You take all the pains for effective unaddressed mail distribution in Sydney, but what happens when your prospects finds an uninteresting, boring mail after opening the letterbox? Definitely, your marketing efforts would go waste if the mail is just glanced at and then lands up in the trash bin. You can always prevent this by creating an appealing unaddressed mail. Here’s how you can proceed.

Ask questions

Imagine yourself in a conversation with your prospect. You will definitely love to ask questions to understand the needs and preferences. So, why not do it in the unaddressed mail? By asking questions, you are actually showing your interest in interacting with the reader, which is great at creating a good impression about your business.

Add a personal touch

The more personal your tone is, the more the readers are likely to like and trust you. By adding personal touches, you can create a kind of connection with the reader leading to increased engagement and curiosity.

The first thing about being personal is that you should try out different forms of greetings such as ‘Warmest regards’, ‘Best regards from (company name)’, ‘Warmest wishes for you’, and so on. In this way you will sound less robotic and your tone will appeal to the reader. To be personal, you can also make use of the word ‘you’ which is quite persuasive.

Keep it short

Long emails are a great dampener, so far as your reader’s interest is concerned. You may write a long draft, but once you are editing it for unaddressed mail distribution in Sydney  you must be very strict with yourself. Challenge yourself to make the text crisp and to the point.

Do not sell at the very first instant

Remember that a single mail might not be an end in itself. You might have to send a series of mails before you can sell your products and services. The first mail should aim to build trust with the reader; only then will the readers be interested in purchasing from you. At first, you should highlight the benefits of your products or services, showing your readers what they will miss or what inconveniences or complications they might face, which your offerings could have solved.

Include a clear call to action

Obviously getting your readers to read the mail is not your only aim. You must be looking forward to some action on their part. Be very clear in your message and tell your readers exactly what they should do, reminding them again what they would gain if they purchase from you. Also, include a deadline if possible, because it prevents your readers from procrastinating.

In short, when you are composing your mail, you must totally forget about direct mail marketing, and think as if you are talking to the customer face to face. Be human with the content of the mail and incorporate a natural voice, that sparks interest, instead of being boring. Only then can you get fruitful results from unaddressed mail distribution in Sydney.

It can be a powerful prospecting tool

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