How Much Response Can You Expect from Flyer Distribution?

Marketing plays a very crucial role in the expansion of your business. But just a mere conduction of a marketing campaign will not be of any help unless you are able to reach your target audience. To put it the other way round, reaching your target audience is equally important as the conduction of the marketing campaign.  Given this, flyer drops at the designated addresses is one of the most effective ways of reaching the target audience in quick time. But many businesses are still curious to know regarding the actual response rate of flyer delivery campaigns. Here is a brief overview.

The Responsiveness

When a letterbox distribution is effectively conducted, it is definite to leave some kind of impression on the people. The researches have revealed that a major part of the population who receives the flyers at least have a glance through them as soon as they receive it. Moreover, a high percentage of the population is of the viewpoint that the flyer drops are one of the best channels of promotion amongst any kind of marketing activities so conducted.

At the same time, the ease and simplicity of going through the flyers is preferred by a huge number of people. Therefore, this particular method of marketing has the ability to produce successful results if carried out appropriately.

Factors Affecting the Responsiveness

It is very true that the flyer drops have good response rate from the people but there are a number of factors which you need to keep in mind before the conduction of the campaign to get the best response from customers. The factors affecting the responsiveness of the distribution of the flyers are as discussed below.

The Designs and Prints

The designs of the flyers that are distributed play a crucial role in the determination of the response rate from the people. A flyer that is bright, colourful and well – designed will have a much better response rate as compared to the shabby ones.

The printing procedure of the flyers is also equally important for getting a good response from the customers. No compromise should be done in the printing to get the desired texture of the flyers which are capable of attracting the attention of the people.

Business Brand

The brand is a very important factor from getting a good response from the flyer drops; hence you must highlight your brand in the right light. A business which is already established will have a greater response rate as compared to the one who is new in the field. Still you can give your best and reach your target audience to make the campaign a successful one.


Delivering in bundles is a strict no for the letterbox distribution because there are high chances of the flyers getting discarded. Hence, appropriate methods should be used instead of bundles to have better rate of response from the receivers.

The responsiveness from the flyers is generally good and if you want to make it the best, then you need to follow the steps mentioned above for a very successful result from the overall marketing campaign. A premier distribution agency can help you carry out the campaigns smoothly.