How Letterbox Distribution Works For Real Estate Agents

How Letterbox Distribution Works For Real Estate Agents | Yespost

In the modern world, the marketing sector has been taken over by digital and online marketing. Since the world is in the virtual media why not talk to them exclusively via virtual medium? Well, you could not be further from the truth. The world still values the real world and the physical entity of any thought. Since marketing is nothing but devising an interesting way to communicate your thought and make it exciting enough to engage strangers and convince them to spend their money in you, there is probably no better, cheaper and effective way to do the same via letterbox distribution. As a real estate agent it is vital to connect to people in real time and give off the feeling of being there, available and being real. Flyer drops or brochure distribution ensures that your customers carry a physical part of your identity with them.

Here are a few reasons why you should invest in letterbox distribution to set your business apart and become one of the most recognized.


Flyer drops have almost 100% potential to reach the target audience. In fact this audience in question is expanding by the day giving rise to a large area where letterbox distribution is managing to make a substantial difference. Also, people are inclined towards spending at least a small portion of their time going through the content they receive via brochure distribution. Letterbox distribution can make your ads reach a renter or an interested person who would like to invest in property or homes. Real estate is meaningless if you cannot make a direct relationship with your customer base and that cannot be done via virtual mediums.


Your flyers can engage the audience way more effectively than say a television advertisement because you can tell a story via your flyer drops. You can adorn your offers with emotional stories for people to connect and really engage with your advertisement; a beautiful picture of the property in question, a photograph of the amenities provided or perhaps information about the neighbourhood and its specialty. Such things are bound to create an impact on the customers’ mind.


Letterbox distribution is inexpensive; as a real estate dealer the cost of investing in flyers, brochures or pamphlets for letterbox distribution will be covered by a single sale made. Also, in this case returns are high because such a minute investment brings in the influx of sales. Letterbox distribution has a strong reach and has a committed readership that is bound to generate revenue. In real estate even a single sale is important and hence can be advertised in your printed material.

Letterbox distribution can be a powerful and effective way to reach homebuyers, sellers and renters and it is hardly an obsolete method. If you think of it, it is in fact rather strategic, smart and fail-proof. With its direct reach, potential of expression, room for creativity and the ever-increasing viewership, letterbox delivery is an ideal channel for real estate marketing. Therefore, do invest in flyer, pamphlet or brochure distribution today!