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Four Tips to Make Your Unaddressed Mail Campaign Effective

When planned and executed in the proper manner, unaddressed mail distribution can be a great source of leads, especially if you combine such campaigns with email and social media marketing. Hence, a healthy marketing strategy should always take into account the benefits of direct mail.

Here are some great tips to help you get into the right track with unaddressed mail delivery.

  1. Stay away from bad copywriting

If you want your unaddressed mail distribution campaign to be a success, you must be correct with our copywriting. This means that you must understand when you should be witty, clever, serious or funny and deliver accordingly, so that the content clicks with your target audience. Moreover, do not apply text messaging techniques in case of direct mail marketing, because the same might severely backfire. Also, there are absolutely no excuses for improperly structured sentences, bad grammar or spelling mistakes. Seek assistance of experts to proofread your unaddressed mail copy so that the copy that is sent across to prospective customers is a perfect one.

  1. Include a convincing call to action

If you can make your customer read your piece, the job is more than half done. But what do they do next? Well, it is your responsibility to guide the prospects regarding what they should do once the mail is read. Include the most relevant call to action and ensure that you have a ready backend prepared from beforehand. For instance, if your call to action says “Call now and get 20% discount”, you must have executive ready to handle such calls.

  1. Go for good design and print solutions

Unaddressed mail distribution in Sydney can never be successful if the mail is not appropriately designed or printed. Get your marketing material designed by a professional designer, and also hire an expert printing agency to make your piece appear as if it’s worth a trillion bucks! Only a practised hand can give your promotional material that much needed polished and professional look.

  1. Do not opt for cheap postage

Cheap postage is indeed a very lucrative option, but what’s the use if you fail to get considerable return on investment? It is better to pay some more money and assure yourself of guaranteed delivery in a timely fashion. The expense on professional unaddressed mail distribution service is worth it if you get better response. For instance, if you are organizing a corporate event and your mail reaches the target audience one day after the event, the whole distribution process becomes utterly useless. So, ensure that the mail reaches on time so there is scope for the target market to act on it.

By following these tips, you can make your distribution campaign a success. However, do not forget to go for regular and repeated campaigns for better impact. Your campaign should never be a “one and done” process because unaddressed mail marketing requires ample amount of commitment to pay off. Also, try out different approaches with respect to design, printing and distribution to understand what clicks the most.

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