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Creating a Perfect Leaflet for your Pet Sitting Business

When pet owners go out of town for some period of time, say, a weekend, a particular day or a vacation, they always look for someone who is dependable enough to handle their furry friends. If you wish to promote your pet sitting business, leaflet distribution in Sydney can help you reach out to the right people. Through leaflets you can locate interested clients and introduce your services to them. Here are some simple tips to follow for creating an attention-drawing leaflet for your business, and get pet owners to hire you for feeding their fish, playing with their cats or walking their dogs.

  1. Pay attention to the basics

Your leaflet can be like a postcard or a poster, but if you are planning leaflet distribution in letterboxes, it is best to maintain a standard size that fits into the letterboxes. Go for a medium-sized leaflet, since it can be easily handed out as well as dropped in letterboxes. A good service provider with considerable experience in leaflet design and delivery will be able to help you get the size right, as per your requirements.

  1. Include information wisely

The information that your leaflet contains will create the real difference, so incorporate it carefully. The content of your leaflet must build confidence in the pet owners regarding your services.

First of all ensure that the leaflet includes basic information like company logo, office address, email address, website url, tagline and social media urls. Then, use well thought-out words or phrases to talk about your services. Be assertive, but brief and polite, and talk about benefits rather than features. Nobody likes reading long lists of features but would instead want to know how you can help them out. Here are two formats:

Format 1

We walk your dog. Services offered- Boarding, Day Care, Dog Walking

Format 2

Let us gift you a happy exercised pooch as you return from your holiday. Ask us for day care, dog walking and boarding services.

Obviously the second one is more engaging and will drive the prospect to enquire more about your services.

  1. Include a captivating image

Whenever you plan leaflet distribution in Sydney for your pet sitting business, do not forget to incorporate pictures in the leaflets specific to your service. The photos should be of high quality so that when the flyers are printed they look great. Go for brightly coloured images and place them in a prominent position. However, do not overload your leaflet with images; then your target audience will lose focus. Use real photographs (showing pets you have handled), rather than stock ones for greater impact.

  1. Be minimalistic, but powerful

Do not include chunks of text, because your goal is not to tell your prospect everything about your service, but to generate enough interest to get the customer to contact you. So, keep the text precise with ample amount of blank spaces so that the eyes can navigate easily. In order to make your marketing copy vibrant, charge it up with powerful words and a motivating call-to-action. Use phrases and words, related to your industry, which create more curiosity.

Follow these tips and go for a well-organized leaflet distribution campaign. You will have pets (and pet owners too!) running to you.

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