Crafting the Right Strategy for Unaddressed Mail Distribution

Crafting the Right Strategy for Unaddressed Mail Distribution

Unaddressed mail distribution in Sydney is quite popular amongst businesses, but to get everything on the right track, you need to have a proper strategy. The right strategy actually depends on the type of business and the industry you are operating in, but still there are a few basics you can keep in mind.

The main reason for a customer purchase

When a customer buys a product or a service, it is always for a reason. To arrive at that particular reason, you should ask yourself three questions- Is there a need or problem that your product or service addresses? Would the benefits offered be a good return on investment for the customer? Is the service or product creating any sense of urgency amongst your target audience?

You must think about these points while planning for unaddressed mail distribution, so that the Unique Sales Proposition is presented in the most effective manner. Give people a reason to purchase your product or service, and if required, go through an extensive brainstorming session and also rope in an outside perspective, to identify that one reason which will click with your target audience. Even if you have a competitive advantage for your prospects, the direct mail should concentrate on the benefits that your services or products are offering.

Deciding upon single or two-tier offers

The call to action is undoubtedly an integral part of an unaddressed mail. Usually businesses opt for a single offer, such as “Contact us before 24th July and avail 30% early bird discount”, “Microwave free with refrigerator- offer open till stocks last”, and so on. But sometimes, this primary offer might not be successful in bringing in the desired number of customers.

Since one of the major goals of an unaddressed mail is to collect new contact data, it would be wise to place a secondary offer along with the primary offer. The best thing is to design the secondary offer in the form of an incentive, the value of which should be in line with what you would place for obtaining qualified prospects from the targeted group.

Taking care of the timing

The right timing for unaddressed mail distribution comes from utilizing your common sense. Obviously, it would be of no use promoting your tax consultation agency just after the tax filing deadline is over. Again, farmers would definitely ignore a promotion talking about wheat seeds in the mid of the planting season.

Apart from taking care of the right timing, you must also repeat the distribution process for successful campaigns. It has been seen that a direct mail with a creative offer repeated thrice at intervals of one month, go a long way in producing the desired impact.

Proper targeting

You can target businesses, farms, houses, apartments, offices or any other area for that matter, provided you reach out to the most appropriate target audience. For instance, if you are targeting farms, be specific about the business you want to target- cash crops, livestock, dairy or anything else. Identifying the target market is very important for unaddressed mail distribution in Sydney to succeed.

Applying the right strategy can help your business fly high through distribution of unaddressed mails. So, get down to work, and formulate a clear-cut strategy.

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