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A Guide to Using Customer Testimonials in Flyer Marketing

As you plan for flyer distribution in Sydney, keep in mind that word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool and it can influence a large portion of your prospective customers. So, why not put the same word of mouth in written form in your flyers through customer testimonials?

When customers have a positive experience with your services, products or brand at large, they will willingly write testimonials for you, bringing out their honest feelings. If a client is willing to, but is unable to write a testimonial, you can also guide him and suggest how it should be written. Before printing testimonials in the flyers, ask the customer for permission.

Here are some guidelines to follow for including customer testimonials, to generate more impact with flyer distribution in Sydney.

Keep the voice of the speaker

There is no need to use your language skills to edit the voice of the speaker. If you do so, the unique and authentic voice of the customer will be lost, so do not go for it. You may simply check and correct punctuations and grammatical or spelling errors. Higher amount of credibility can be established if you can present the testimonial by adding brackets that indicate the modified areas.

Incorporate maximum details about the speaker

A testimonial that is anonymous does not have a very good impact and it also raises questions about the trustworthiness. So, to highlight the authenticity of your testimonial, you must include maximum information about the speaker. If possible incorporate the full name with a title, which gives the target audience the feeling that the speaker is one amongst them. You may also add the geographical location of the speaker and any other information such as company name, email address, phone number, and the like.

Include photos

If you are able to arrange for a photo of the speaker who is giving you the testimonial, you can have a high return on investment from flyer distribution in Sydney, because more people are inspired to buy when they view ‘one amongst them’ happy with your products or services. Refrain from using pictures of models or stock photos.

Use testimonials that are self explanatory

Consider this one- “I needed last moment spring cleaning and was worried whether I would get a cleaner so quickly. But these guys acted proactively and cleaned my entire apartment on time making it look fantastic again”. This testimonial not only mentions the problem, but also how the concerned company solved it. The target audience can wonderfully relate to such clear testimonials, preferably something in line with what they have to deal with.

Use specific testimonials

All testimonials that you receive from your clients may not be advantageous for your brand. Generic testimonials such as “Loved your work… thank you!” may not be as effective as specific ones like “Loved the way you designed my WordPress website. Thank you!” Pick up specific testimonials and include them in your flyer or any other promotional material.

As you include testimonials, do not forget to pair them with powerful copy that bears relevance. Only then will you be able to emerge successful through flyer distribution in Sydney.

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