5 Ways in Which Your Unaddressed Mail Distribution Can Miserably Fail

5 Ways in Which Your Unaddressed Mail Distribution Can Miserably Fail

Although many people think unaddressed mail distribution campaigns to be ineffective and outdated, the rewards of this marketing procedure cannot be dismissed outright. Most direct mail campaigns fail simply because they lack proper planning and efficient execution. Here are the most serious mistakes that people make while distributing unaddressed mail. Keep them in mind while you plan your next campaign.

  1. Not using a qualified list

This is the most common mistake that businesses make while planning the campaign. In fact when it comes to unaddressed mailers, businesses often tend to focus on quantity more than quality, thus failing to target the ideal demographic. However, to get results, you must target your mail in the right areas. For example, if you are dealing in premium air conditioners, and are targeting a neighbourhood where the majority of people reside in rented condominiums, you will simply not have the desired success. So, even if the mail is not particularly addressed, it should reach the people who would show interest in purchasing your product or availing your service.

  1. Failing to track or test

Testing the promotional materials and methodologies is as important as tracking the results of the campaign. Pick any group representative of your target audience and have them critique your marketing material. Also make sure that you have a system in place to keep track of the response rate for every unaddressed mail distribution campaign in Sydney. At every phase it is important to gather maximum amount of data, so that it becomes easier to understand what clicks and what does not.

  1. Not incorporating sales letters

Although sales letters are more common in case of addressed mails, incorporating them in unaddressed mail packages can produce great results, so far as the response rate is concerned. Even if you do not have the database of customers, and have to send unaddressed mails, attaching a sales letter makes you connect with the recipient at a more personal level.

  1. Failing to be customer centric

Although you are not aware of customer names and addresses while distributing unaddressed mails, you must still focus on the customer. In other words, it is important to highlight the benefits of your services or products rather than the features. Remember customers care more about the benefits they will receive than how brilliant your service or product is. So, if you want real results will unaddressed mails, refrain from selling features, but rather uphold the benefits.

  1. Forgetting to create offers

Why should your prospects care about the unaddressed mails that they receive? If you do not have the answer to this question, be prepared for a failed marketing campaign. You must give customers an incentive to get back to you in the form of a discount, a better deal, a time limit on the availability of a certain product, and so on. Be clear with your offer to drive results.

Success comes when you do it right! So, give your best shot and eliminate these top mistakes as you plan unaddressed mail distribution in Sydney.

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